ALOP Application

Thank you for your interest in the ALOP.  Once submitted, your application will be reviewed and a decision on accreditation made within fourteen (14) business days.

  No - Please join or update your membership before proceeding

Applicant Contact Information


  More than 7 years
  More than 3 years
  Less than 3 years

Educational Credits:

Please identify which educational credits you have completed below.  Note: 32 Credits required to qualify for the ALOP.

  George Washington University Law Firm Management Program (up to 16 credits)
  Stony Brook Executive MBA for Law Firm Managers (16 credits)
  Harvard Law School "Leadership in Law Firms" Program (16 credits)
  Harvard Law School "Leadership in Corporate Counsel" Program (16 credits)
  Law Firm Administrator "Boot" Camps and Equivalents (up to 8 credits)
  NoneLaw Department Operations "Boot" Camps and Equivalents (up to 8 credits)
  Law Firm Candidates: Association of Legal Administrators (ALA), International Legal Technology Association (ILTA), Legal Marketing Association (LMA), True Value Partnering Institute (TVPI)
  Law Department Candidates: Buying Legal, Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC), ACC Legal Operations
  Undergraduate Degree in Business (any business degree, i.e. accounting, finance, economics, statistics, marketing) (3 Credits)
  Masters in Business Administration (MBA) (3 Credits)