Compensation Surveys

With the participation of its members and collaborators, including  General Counsel Metrics and The Legal Executive Institute, TVPi is able to produce the only regular series of compensation reports in the legal pricing and project management space. 

The Institute would like to take this opportunity to thank the many law firm Pricing and LPM chiefs/directors/leaders who participated in the salary survey.  Without their input this salary report would not be possible. Those who participated in the surveys have receive the full and complimentary report as well as the Executive Summary.  Please note that the complimentary report and executive summary are licensed only to the salary survey participant and their respective law firm, and is a protected document that cannot be distributed outside of your immediate law firm without breach of that license.  This helps ensure that the salary participants obtain the full benefit of the report and that the report is not widely distributed to the benefit of those who chose not to participate.

 For those firms who did not participate the cost per report is $1,299 to help cover the dollars invested and the hundred plus hours it took to develop, generate and design the final reports.    



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