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TVPi Extends Enrollment in Legal Pricing & LPM Academy to Full Membership

Jun. 1, 2020

June 1, 2020

For Immediate Release

TVPi Extends Enrollment in Legal Pricing & LPM Academy to Full Membership

The Institute is excited to extend enrollment in its first-of-its-kind virtual learning platform -- the Legal Pricing & LPM Academy -- to all of its members.  Currently consisting of seven (7) one-hour modules delivered by some of the industry’s foremost experts, the Academy has been specifically designed to provide junior professionals with the foundational skills needed to excel in their pricing and LPM careers.  

Enrollment had previously been limited to a class of 50.  With the Academy’s first class having recently graduated and given the increased demand for online resources in the current work environment, the Institute’s Council of Advisors has elected to expand availability to the full membership.  Effective immediately, members will be able to enroll and take part in this now self-paced distance learning program.  Once all modules are completed, a test is administered and, if passed, a Certificate of Completion awarded.  All credit hours from the certificate can also be applied towards the educational equivalencies of the Accredited Legal Pricing Professional (ALPP) and Accredited Legal Project Manager (ALPM) qualifications.  Learn more about the Academy here.  

The curriculum will continue to be developed and new modules added over time.  If you are interested in joining the Faculty, please contact [email protected].