Public Announcements

2019 Compensation Surveys

May. 28, 2019

The Institute is pleased to announce that it will be publishing the results of its 2019 Pricing and Legal Project Management Compensation Surveys on June 13 at the 2019 P3 Conference.

As with the first survey that was compiled in 2017, only Rees Morrison of General Counsel Metrics sees the survey results and then compiles a concise report, which the Institute then publishes.  General Counsel Metrics has completed many similar surveys and has a strict code of confidentiality.

The Institute would like to take this opportunity to thank the many law firm Pricing and LPM chiefs/directors/leaders who participated in the salary survey.  Without their input this one of its kind salary report would not be possible. Those who participated in the surveys will receive the full and complimentary report as well as the Executive Summary upon its release.  Please note that the complimentary report is licensed only to the salary survey participant and their law firm, and is a protected document that cannot be distributed outside of your immediate law firm. Such distribution will trigger an embedded mechanism that removes your rights to the report and place you and your firm in breach of this agreement for access.  

Why Purchase the Report:

  • These are the only law firm pricing and LPM pricing salary surveys and they were only completed by those who have Pricing or LPM in their title, or an equivalent such as client value, and who dedicate the majority of their professional time to the specialty area of pricing legal services. General law firm salary surveys on Pricing and LPM cover accounting staff or accounting staff who dabble in pricing and LPM.  Purchase the report to obtain the full and more accurate picture to ensure your recruiting efforts are in-line with the market to increase your chance of obtaining the right talent for your firm.
  • We have heard many law firms commenting that they cannot recruit quality managers or analysts as there is no market data on their salaries too.  The survey also contains salary information on Managers, Analysts, Specialists and Coordinators.
  • The Institute has collaborated with Thompson Reuters to ensure that the top-level summary findings reach a wide audience within the legal sector, including Managing Partners, COOs/Executive Directors, C-Suite and legal recruiters through a high level Executive Summary.  


Cost of the Compensation Survey Report:

The full report will be “free” to those who participated in the salary survey and $1,125 for all others.  

The Executive Summary is free to all bar the stipulation below and can be obtained by completing the enclosed form.  The executive summary is not available to those law firms invited to participate in the survey and chose not to do so.