Why True Value Partnering?

The practice of law is in flux, arguably facing its biggest shift in decades. Clients are heavily focused on cost containment; using non-lawyer professionals to control spend and choose their external legal advisors. Law firms continue to adjust to the new reality of flat-demand and the erosion of the meaning of true relationships.  Price has become a core focus of the industry; and while cost containment has achieved its optimum return, it has little to offer in developing the advantages derived from TRUE VALUE PARTNERING.  As the economy turns, WHAT COMES NEXT?

How does the Institute Operate? 

  • The Institute's Vision, Mission, Objectives and Operational Decisions are made by the Co-Founders in consultation with Institute members, the Council of Advisers, and other industry thought leaders.

  • Cohorts (or groups) of individuals are formed by invitation only 4 - 5 times per year.  Cohorts are centered around very specific roles, seniority and years of relevant experience in the legal industry. 

  • The Cohorts meet monthly via conference call or webex to discuss topics relevant to their roles, their firms or companies, and the success of the firm-client relationship.  Oftentimes, Cohort members, consultants, vendors or other experts will present at Cohort meetings.  

  • Our Core Values were designed to complement, rather than compete with, other similar associations, think tanks and organizations. 

Meet our Council of Advisors

What are the Institute's Objectives? 

  1. Conduct research on a broad range of trends and issues in the legal profession;

  2. Learning and knowledge sharing among members of the Think Tank;

  3. Generation of new knowledge and thought leadership on trends and challenges affecting client service delivery (practice of law) and law practice management (business of law);

  4. Development and publication of articles, blog posts, white papers, and research reports; and

  5. Speaking engagements at conferences, law firms, corporate legal departments, and academic institutions.

What are the Institute’s Core Values?

The Institute’s Core Values are central to its operating philosophy and the aims of the organization. The Institute’s creation was deliberately designed to align with other professional associations while seeking to do something opposite and unique. TheInstitute is not targeting the many, but focuses on the few; it does not evoke broad high-level discussions but rather pinpoints on narrow topics with in-depth dialogue that gets to the core issues; it does not seek encompassing a large community but instead builds small intimate pods of thought leaders which are fluidly structured to morph, grow and regroup based on the topic of the day.


We support the professional development, friendship and collective cohesiveness of our cohort and the institute. 

Active Participation

We strive to advance our role through active participation, the creation of thought leadership together and the mentoring of our fellow members. 


We acknowledge that to become stronger we must continually learn and develop professionally.


We uphold ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism and confidentiality.


We support our friends who contribute to the study and advancement of value
in the legal profession.

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