Our members live the Institute's Core Values -- Fellowship, Active Participation, Community -- through our Leaders Cohorts

Members are placed into cohorts by invitation-only.  These groups meet regularly to explore specialty topics of interest, typically following a case study and roundtable format led by our cohort chairs.  Eligibility is determined based on members' seniority and experience level to ensure active and meaningful participation.  

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Cohort Discussion Topics Include

Redefining the law firm business model to align with value-driven client service expectations and meet the new legal paradigm.

Changing the organizational structure and operating model of law firms to better support new business models in a lean, systematic, and data-driven manner.

Structuring and equipping the in-house department to be able to analyze, measure, and enhance value obtained from outside counsel while increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Effective pricing of value – how it is defined, how it is measured, and what it is worth to the relationship.

How the in-house team can work with law firms to adopt collaborative approaches to predictable Budgeting and Matter Management.

How in-house counsel can engage and partner with key law firms in coordinating and sustaining a consolidated panel of law firms to achieve optimal returns.

The role of thought leadership in distinguishing your expertise to connect clients and law firms.

What is the new "sales proposition" and how does this align and connect with partnering to solve business problems.

Unbundling of legal services across multiple law firms to provide value.

The new roles of the law firm relationship manager and the role of the client relationship manager; where do they intersect for collaborative opportunities.

Going beyond price to true value and what does true value mean.

Connecting the dots (for both clients and law firms) between data analysis, analytics, business intelligence, and True Value Partnership.

Legal Project Management & Strategic Pricing: Why LPM and Pricing are, and ought to be, multidisciplinary and cross-functional endeavors. How these roles are converging at the intersection of law practice, finance, project management, knowledge management, process improvement, information technology, big data, business development and client relationship management, and continuing legal education.

Innovation in Business Development with client facing sales teams and sophisticated client relationship management which includes 360-degree view of the relationship through analysis, collection and delivery of actionable information, and technology mechanisms. How does this align with the new procurement model being adopted by many corporations for legal services.

How can law firms go beyond solving legal problems for clients? How can they solve business problems? What other products and services can they develop and deliver to clients? Lessons from how the big five accounting firms expanded.