Accredited Legal Pricing Professional (ALPP)

The True Value Partnering Institute’s Accredited Legal Pricing Professional (ALPP) designation is the legal industry’s first accredited legal pricing qualification. Professionals who qualify for the ALPP are expected to have a deep understanding and possess relevant work experience in core areas and competencies as they relate to legal pricing, such as:

  • Pricing Theory and Methodology

  • Strategic Negotiation

  • Pricing Analytics and Profitability

  • Competitive Intelligence

  • Change Management


Qualification Criteria:

Those currently employed as a law firm pricing professional (with at least 60% of daily time/job responsibility dedicated to legal pricing) who meet the following criteria may qualify for the ALPP:

3+ years legal pricing experience at the Manager level OR

1+ years heading pricing within a law firm at the Chief or Director Level (or the Manager level if you had primary responsibility for a law firm’s pricing program)


 32 Educational Credits

Educational credit equivalencies are approved by the True Value Partnering Institute as follows:

Area of Education

# of Credits

Active Participation in a TVPI Pricing Cohort

2 credits per cohort (maximum 8 hours)

Core Legal Pricing Coursework/Training

1 credit per hour (see limitations below)

Pricing-Focused Conferences or Roundtables

1 credit per hour (maximum 8 hours)

Independent Study (approved literature)

4 credits per text

Undergraduate Degree in Business (any business degree, i.e. accounting, finance, economics, statistics, marketing)

3 credits

Masters in Business Administration

3 credits

The following is a representative listing of approved educational and other credit-granting activities:

Core Legal Pricing Coursework/Training (up to a maximum of 24 credits/hours for all core coursework/training)

Pricing-Focused Conferences or Roundtables (up to a maximum of 8 total credits/hours for all conferences and roundtables)

Independent Study:

Public Speaking and Publications:

  • 2 credits per approved speaking engagement or publication - up to a maximum of 8 credits


Please contact the Institute with inquires for approvals of other educational and credit-granting activities at [email protected]

All ALPPs must be current members of the True Value Partnering Institute (Join).

In special circumstances, the ALPP may be awarded to an individual whose combined qualifications significantly exceed the spirit of the above requirements but may not meet a specific educational or experience requirement.

Please begin tracking your specific education credits going (name and date of training or activity) as there will be an annual re-certification. 

ALPP Directory

  See a full listing of others who have earned the ALPP designation (click here).



  As featured in The American Lawyer, "An Accreditation Seeks to 'Professionalize' Law Firm Pricing Directors(July 20, 2018).




“The ALPP designation is a big step forward towards the professionalization of Legal Pricing and will help distinguish those who are true experts in the field and dedicated to this strategically important function.” -- Matthew Beekhuizen, Chief Pricing Officer, Greenberg Traurig

"[B]eing able to qualify that individuals have the necessary skill sets to be successful in pricing roles at large firms and legal departments is important in a profession such as ours given it is still a relatively new and continually evolving discipline, so certifications like the ALPP can be a helpful tool in validating the nature of one's experience and qualifications." -- Keith Maziarek, Director of Pricing and Legal Project Management, Katten Muchin Rosenman, LLP

“Being a successful pricing professional is not just about creating budgets and developing pricing analytics; to be successful you need to understand the bigger picture, navigate the partnership, anticipate client needs, and develop appropriate fee arrangements.  The ALPP designation helps  law firms know their pricing lead is adequately equipped and sufficiently experienced to add revenues and enhance profits.” -- Peter Secor, Chief Pricing Officer, Pepper Hamilton

“I had heard that the Pricing Master Class was a great course.  When I applied for the ALPP, I was short on points and obtaining the ALPP designation helped me get Firm approval to do the Master Class – a real win/win for me as I now have both!” -- Mitch Spradlin, Senior Pricing Manager, Hunton Andrews Kurth